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Sunday, July 15th 2012

12:09 PM

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Related article: Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:44:03 +0000
From: Steve Thomas
Subject: Coles-Dreams, Ch. 37This is a work of pure fiction, based on the author's feelings, beliefs,
and in some cases, experience. There may be graphic sexual encounters at
times between men, so if this offends you, you are invited to retreat.
If you are too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to preteen feet worship be reading
this kind if story, shame on you for reading it - - please stop here.
If not, - - ENJOY!
Cast of Characters:Cole Alexander Stephanson IV -- Our heroJazz -- (Jack Zachary) Coles oldest brotherDiane -- Jazz's wifeJanie and Jesse -- Jazz's kidsRod -- Coles middle brotherSuzanne -- Rod's wifeWill and Cole V -- Rod's kidsIgor (Iggy) -- Cole's Tutoring PupilCole Alexander Stephanson III -- Coles DadEthyl Stephanson -- Cole's momRex Remlin-- Rod's best friendGus Hartwin -- Cole's BoyfriendMichelle -- Cole's old girlfriend.Dexter -- Iggy's boyfriendEd -- mafia preteen sexe ParamedicManolo -- ParamedicSteve -- Manolo's boyfriendRandy -- Found BoyCurtis -- Found boy's brotherKian Willis-- Friend in VancouverNicolas underground preteen nudist Poole-- Friend in VancouverHoward Poole -- Nicolas's FatherChristian -- the pool guyBoyd -- the pilotSpike -- Cop and former classmateThe twins: Marcus Aurelius Alexander The GreatJon -- Teacher's AideFrom Chapter 36"Ig, we can't do what we used to do -- but we both felt bad about you
sleeping all alone in there. Wanna snuggle a bit?" I chuckled.All he did was sigh and snuggle back into my body. Gus in turn spooned
into Iggy's. I squeezed Iggy's shoulders. "Now where were we this
afternoon?" I said. He started with a giggle but then it quickly
turned into quiet sobs and gasps. He definitely needed more release. We
fell asleep in that mode. The last thing I remember thinking, was that
I'd forgotten how much I loved Iggy.Chapter 37"Vell, of course my dream vould be what ve had before I vent beck to
Dex. Gott! I miss him!" Said Iggy the next morning as we all got
dressed."Ig, my heart really aches for you, ameature preteen models but -- I'm sorry -- we have just
had too much trouble trying to -- well -- include others -- into our
relationship." I said."Naw, it's okay. You asked vat youngest fuck preteen I vanted. I know you guys are
committed to itch otter.""Ig, it seems like your accent is more since we have seen you. Is that
my imagination?" Said Gus."Naw! I still hafta work at it, and when I am -- well -- discouraged,
it just is too much work. Sorry. I'll try to - ""No, Ig! Don't worry about it! I just wondered." Gus said
apologetically."Yah. So, you don't know anyone that I can -- be close to here?""No, sorry. We're not much in to - " I started."How about Jon?" Said Gus."Who?" Said both Iggy and I."Jon -- the RFA guy." Gus repeated. I wonder if he would - ""Ohhh -- I don't know." I said. "He's not even sure he's gay. He
just wants to -- play -- right now. I'm not exactly sure that Ig wants
to - ""Dat's EXACTLY what I want!" Said Iggy. tiny model preteen "I just want someone to
play with!""Oh! Wow!" I photos sexe preteen
said, with a chuckle. "Where are you staying?""Um -- well -- here, last night.""Your parents place?""Yah, it's dere, but it's too damnt far.""Gotcha!""Yeah, this is Cole.""Uh -- oh! God, Cole, did I fuck you guys up? I'm sorry, I mafia preteen sexe - ""No, Dude, it's not your fault. We worked it out.""Oh - - great! Does that mean maybe you want to do some more?""No!" I laughed. "We're not open to any more. Jon, what I youngest fuck preteen
about is -- I -- er -- WE -- have a friend here with us that you may like
to meet.""Oh, another RFA candidate? I dunno, I'm not really - ""No, not an RFA candidate. Jon, this is kinda awkward. Do you -- um --
I mean, are you interested in -- meeting another -- um -- guy - ""Hell Yes! Damn! I am so horny since -- well, you know! I have no
clue where to go to meet guys. I tried a gay bar. It was as if I
didn't exist. No one said anything to me except the barkeep.""Wo! Well, gay guys sometimes tend to be kinda shy. No, this is an old
friend of ours. He just came back into town.""What's his story?" Jon asked."His lover love eden preteen
died. I'll let him explain it to you.""Wow! That's heavy. When can nymphets nudes preteens
we meet? Does he know that I am kind of
trying to -- discover myself -- at this late age? How old is he?""Iggy's 22. And yeah we told him a little about you.."22! Perfect! So -- does he look like a toad? Haha!""You will have to judge that for yourself." I said, disappointed."No! I mean -- sorry! I'm just that vain, I guess. When can we
meet?""Let me talk to Iggy.""Iggy! Cool name! Hah!""Yeah. He's from Russia.""RUSSIA! Ohhhh." He said."You preteen sexy porn have a problem with Russians?" I asked, again a little irritated."Naw -- it's just a lot to handle all at once. Remember -- before a
few weeks ago, I never even knew anyone gay. Hah! And now maybe I `ARE
one'!""Well, okay. I'll call you as soon as I talk to Iggy." I said.
"Bye."I turned to Iggy. "Ig, I dunno. I wasn't too happy with his
reactions.""Like you told him gay preteen 14 -- `let me be the judge of that'. If he's horny,
I am preteen hard vids
too!" He laughed."This afternoon okay?""I can't go then," Gus said, "but maybe that's best!" He said with
a chagrinned smile."That works for me!" Iggy said, his tongue almost falling out."Dang, Ig! You haven't even met him yet.""I TOLD you I was horny! Oh! I'll need to clean up!""Your shower this morning wasn't good enough?""Dude! I need to look my best! Can you go shopping with me?""Iggy, you're kidding!""This is my first blind date -- ever! It's kinda freaky!"We virtual preteen model went in his car. His parents had bought him a new "Z" convertible
for graduation. We went to Mervyns. preteen hussyfan rapidshare He bought a pair of nice dress
pants, black, with a pink wife-beater shirt and a dark gray shirt underground preteen nudist
he wore
open. "Man, you don't mind making a splashy first impression, do
you?" I said, grinning."Yah! They are the most important!"When Jon opened the door, his mouth fell open at the sight of Iggy. I
almost laughed, but didn't. I looked at Iggy, and his mouth was the
same -- open and staring at Jon."Uh," I stammered trying to get hold of myself -- trying not to laugh,
"Jon, this is Ig -- Igor.""I KNOW who it is!" Jon said. "Igor was a shocking preteens clips
year ahead of you -- same
class. Only I never called him Iggy. It was Igor, and I never expected
-- well -- DAMN Igor, you look better than I remember!" Iggy blushed."Well, I never knew YOU were gay!" Iggy said."That made two of us -- back then! Well, come in, come in!" We
stepped in and closed the door. Jon said. "How long can you stay?""Um -- oh!" Iggy said. "Cole needs to get back home to help his mom
with his brothers."I looked surprised, then said, "Oh! Yeah, I do!" Iggy threw me his
keys."Can you take me back to Cole's forbiden tiny preteen later on?" Iggy asked Jon. "It's
over in Downey.""Not a problem. Guess I'll forbiden tiny preteen
see you later, Cole."I stepped out the door, closing it, then remembered that Mom was
expecting Iggy for dinner. I opened the door and caught them in a
passionate kiss! "Wo!" I said. "Temperature's risin' in here!"
They both giggled. "Uh -- guess I'll tell Mom you won't be there for
dinner. She'll be disappointed, but - ""Why don't you go back for dinner and then come back here for the
night, Igor?" Jon said. "Would that work for you?"Iggy looked at me then back to Jon. "Yah!"As we walked to the car, I threw his keys back to him. He threw them
back to me. "Go ahead! You know you wanna drive it!" He said."No, actually I don't. Gus does most of the driving now. My sight is
still pretty weak.""Oh. Sorry, Dude So, how bad is it?""Pretty bad. Ig, I've been hiding it from my folks -- and Gus too.
Please don't tell. I'll tell them soon. I've been really taking it
easy on it all summer, hoping that by fall it'll be easier for me to go
back to UCLA. I'm all registered, but I'm scared.""Better tell dem, Cole. It won't be japanese hairy preteen
any easier in three weeks when you
start back.""I'm afraid they won't want us to go up to Canada -- in a little over
a week! I'll tell them after Canada.""What's so important about Canada?"I told him about our new friends up in Vancouver. He scoffed, "And dis
is more important den your sight? C'mon, Cole! You know mafia preteen sexe I'll keep
your secret if you insist. But -- just tell them!""I -- (SIGH!) I know japanese hairy preteen
I should.""So do I. As a matter of fact, I take back my promise. If you don't
tell them tonight, while I am there, I will tell them before I leave.
Don't look at me like that. I'm not a doctor yet, but I'm studying to
be one -- so are you! This is shit! You know that the sooner you know
about something, the better chance of: - ""I know, I know!" I said, crestfallen. I'll tell them tonight."Dad insisted in taking me to the emergency room immediately -- even
before dinner. Iggy called Jon to tell him he might be later than he
expected, explaining the situation."Mr. Stephanson, you are very lucky you came when you did. There's no
telling when this might have completely detached. Your retina was
hanging by a thread. What prompted you to come tonight?""My pal Iggy, studying to be a doctor, told my dad it was important.""I'm model young preteen gonna admit you to the hospital for constant monitoring.""How -- how long do I have to be here?""A week -- maybe preteen gils porn more, depending on how you do. You're young, so it
may be shorter.""Are you insured?" The doctor asked."Yeah -- on my dad's plan as long as I stay in school.""C-can I go with him?" Asked Gus."Are you a relative? Oh, it doesn't matter in this case. You his
brother?"Gus looked me in the eye as he said, "Yeah, I sure am!""I guess this is where I take off!" Iggy said."Oh, Ig! Thanks soooo much. Have fun at Jon's, and - - we'll expect
a full, detailed report!""Yah!" He laughed."Gosh, I'm awfully sleepy." I said."It's the shot I had the nurse give you. You'll be out pretty much
for most of the next week.""Okay." I said. Suddenly nothing mattered in the least to me. I
looked for the longest time at my sweetheart's face. Then as if by
magic, he was replaced by Rex."Dude! Back so soon?" He said.I closed my good eye. Yup, I still saw him. "Yeah. It must be the
drugs.""Oh yeah! I always loved drugs! Ha-ha! Wassup, Grunt?""I'm in the hospital for observation. My good retina almost
detached.""It won't""What?""I got it on good authority. After this, you won't have to worry any
more about losing your sight. Your eye will get better -- all the way
better.""I thought you said you couldn't ask." I commented."Well, I did. love eden preteen
He said I could tell you if I ever saw you again.""Ahhhhh! And model young preteen you're glowing again. This angel thing is very cool."
I said."I know. Of course to be a full fledged angel, I will need my body
back.""Really? How come?""It's hard to explain. I don't really understand all of it. But
without a body, you just don't have as much power. I can tell you
things, but I can't do anything that takes a body.""Like what?" I asked."Like -- a full angel can lay his hands on someone -- someone in your
mortal reality -- and heal them. A spirit can't do that,""Does Jesus have a body?" I asked."Dude! I didn't ever read the bible before I died -- but I KNOW YOU
have! Think!""Well, he appeared to a lot of people -- and asked them to feel the nail
prints and to cast their hand into his side -- where he was pierced to
make sure he was dead. Hey! If everyone is resurrected with their
perfect body, why does Jesus still have those scars?""They are like medals to him. They bless the believers and curse the
unbelievers.""Rex -- did you know Lucifer -- you know, before you were born?""Oh yah! We all did!""Rex -- I found out -- recently -- that I knew him pretty well.""I know." He replied."Really -- were you too?""Not really. But I was somehow summoned when you had that first RFA. I
heard it all. Man, that was so cool. Most people don't find anything
like that until they're here -- `safely dead' as they put it here.
You should not share that with just anybody. It's pretty special.
Sacred.""Really?" I said."Duh! Cole, you are the talk of people up here every so often.""What??? Why?""Not many that were that close to Lucifer got away.""Got away?""Dude, you know how many he took down with him?""Huh?" I said."It's written in the Bible. He convinced a third part of Father's
children to follow him. You were one of the few that were close to him
that chose Jesus.""So -- all those who followed him will go to that lower kingdom you were
telling me about?"No dude! Those are the ones who chose Jesus and didn't live
righteously -- you know, liars, thieves, fornicators, - like that.""Oh." I said, suddenly pensive."What?""What about us?""Whattaya mean?" He asked."You and me -- and Gus. Are we considered fornicators?""I don't know dude. There's something about children preteen the sons of Adam with the
daughters of Eve. I dunno about the sons of Adam with the Sons of Adam.
We're somehow different.""You mean from the beginning?""Don't know that either. All I know tiny model preteen is it's not really an issue with
me -- or anyone else.""Well -- why?""No matter which kingdom we go to -- we'll be happy there. They are
all kingdoms of great glory.""But if - ""Coley, I can't tell you any more - - because I don't know. Maybe
after I learn more -- or whatever -- I will know more.""So -- we will keep learning after we die? Wow! That's a heavy
concept! I always figured that when we die somehow all knowledge is
added to us.""Naw! It may be easier to learn some things here -- like knowledge --
but it's one thing youngest fuck preteen at a time -- just like before tiny model preteen
we -- die. That's an
interesting concept too. No one really dies. But mortal eyes can't see
spiritual things.""Okay, you're causing me more questions with everything you tell me.""Dunno if I can answer them.""Ok. Well, first, you said it may be easier to learn things -- like
knowledge. What is hard to learn?""I told you -- anything that required a body. Like discipline over
physical things. Again, - it's very hard to lose the craving for things
that you're body has become addicted to. But it can be done.""Rex, erotic preteen pussy
you said that Lucifer took a third of Father's children down with
him -- What does that mean?""You and I were born on earth with bodies. Those that followed Lucifer
-- Satan -- weren't allowed to have bodies. And when the earth is
perfected -- they will be cast out.""Cast out of - - what -- where?""They are here -- now -- all around. I choose to ignore them, but they
are here -- doing what the devil tells them. But in the end they will be
cast into outer darkness.""Outer Darkness? What's that?""I don't think anyone here -- in Paradise -- knows, exactly. It's
like a place of eternal nothingness. As I told you, there is no absolute
death. Even the devils live forever, in eternal darkness. Conscious,
but wishing they WERE dead -- forever.""Wow!" I marveled. "That seems a bit drastic -- even unfair -- for
making the wrong choice.""That's one thing I DO understand, dude! We were given every chance to
follow Jesus -- His name is Jehovah here.""Oh? So - - Jehovah isn't -- um -- the Father?""Naw! The Father is Elohim. Jehovah and all the rest of us are his
sons -- our spirits, anyway." "Okay, so -- all of us who chose not to follow Satan -- we will all go
to heaven?""Well - - yeah! But we will all go to `a' heaven. That's what I was
saying earlier. The murderers and people will go the lower kingdom.""Wow! Even murderers! nn preteen pic Rex, I have so many questions -- but I don't
even forbiden tiny preteen know how to ask them.""You might not until you get here. And trust me, Cole, once you get
here, you still can't learn everything you want to know.""You mentioned Paradise. preteen metart portal Isn't that heaven?""Nah! It's what they call the better part of the spirit world. It's
where we wait to be judged.""The better part? What else is there?""There's the spirit prison -- where the bad guys go. They can't move
around as we can.""So the ones in prison -- they are lost?""I don't think so. In the Bible it says that Jesus went to the prison
to preach. If they were lost, why would they need preaching?""Umm -- where are all the people?" I asked."Whattaya mean?""I saw millions of people when I had the RFA's."Oh! That wasn't real. It was based on your spiritual memory.""It seemed so real.""Spiritual memory is like that. When people have a déjà vu, it's
usually spiritual memory -- playing tricks on them.""I just noticed - how come you're not glowing any more?""Hmm -- `guess I delivered the message. I'm probably telling more
than I'm supposed to.""Can you do that?""Dunno. Maybe. Anyway, I gotta go.""Oh." I said disappointed. "Why?""Nature calls!" he said, then laughed. "Naw! Just kidding. Can't
do that without a body! See yah later -- I hope!""I'll be right back. Cole? Oh! Are you awake?"I opened my eye. Gus was sitting in my partially darkened room. "Yeah,
I'm awake." I said. "How long have you been here?""Ohh -- `bout 10 minutes. I've been talking to you. The doctor said
you might wake up if I talked to you. Did you hear me?""I heard you say you had to go to the bathroom.""I didn't say that.""You didn't?" I asked."No. But I do! That's why I told you I'd be right back.""Oh. Strange."When he left, I strained my brain and it all came back to me. I had been
dreaming. Maybe Gus talking had been why Rex had to go. Well, anyway, I
was awake now."Cole, how do you feel?""Groggy." I responded."The doctor hoped someone would be here when you woke up. I'm glad it
was me.""Me too. How long was I asleep?""6 days.""Really??!! It seemed like only a couple hours.""Cole, the damage is completely healed. Your retina - ""I know.""What? How -- how could you know?""Rex told me. He was with me the whole time. He said that my eye is
gonna be fine -- normal.""And -- you believe it?""Why shouldn't I?" I exclaimed. "He said it and then I woke up to
you telling me that it was completely healed. Of course I believe it!""You're amazing!""Not really. You know what I think?""What?" He asked."I think that a lot of people have experiences like I've had. Only
they don't believe it -- so they forget. I'm photos sexe preteen gonna write it all down
so I DON'T forget!""Man, I love you, Cole Alexander Stephanson IV!" He leaned over me and
kissed me. I grabbed him and pulled him right up on to the bed and on
top of me. Well, maybe he helped a little! We were thus engaged --
passionately kissing -- when the doctor interrupted us."Wow! Uh -- I was never that model young preteen close with MY brother! I think I'm
jealous! Cole. You've had - ""I know! A complete recovery!""Oh, you told him, Gus?""I did -- but -- he already knew." Gus said, as he gingerly climbed
off me."Hmm -- another one.""Another what?" Gus asked."I've had several patients who knew when they woke up. You're
recovery was actually miraculous. It just doesn't happen that quickly.
I mean, I was hoping to send you home by now -- but usually would be with
the normal cautions -- plenty of rest, careful not to do too much
activity -- and all. You are already -- past that point. You can resume
whatever normal activities you want.""Thanks Doctor!" I said."Don't thank me! I only did the normal things required for someone
with a detached retina. God did the rest." He said, then added, "But
don't tell my boss! We'll let him think I did it! Haha But Cole -- I
want to caution you one thing.""What doc? No sex for awhile?""Haha! No. Believe whatever you saw. Some of my patients that seemed
to already know they were healed -- they didn't believe it. Some of
them had relapses. But the ones who believed in whatever they saw --
they never came back. So I have to assume their healing stayed with
them. Good-bye!" He walked out."So -- do you believe it now?" I asked Gus."Apparently, I don't have to. But yeah -- I believe it! Here! Let me
help you out of that bed.""Dude! I'm healed! I can do it!" I smarted off. I swung my feet
down to the floor and stood up -- for exactly ¼ second. I feel flat on
my ass!""Dude!" Gus chided. "You've been there for japanese hairy preteen six days! You're eye
may be okay, but you're still weak!"He pedo preteens modesl helped me up, and held me up just long enough that my legs were not
the only thing standing up! He closed the door and helped me out of my
hospital gown and boxers. Then he helped me to the bathroom. "I think
I got my legs back, sweetheart." I said, as I closed the door after
me. As I came out of the bathroom, he was waiting at the door. "I
really do feel stronger. I just wasn't ready to stand all at once like
that.""Well -- okay. But you're taking it easy for the next couple days!""Does that mean you are assuming the top position tonight?" I quipped."One way or the other!" He answered. He knows how I love it when he
straddles me!
And that's exactly what we did after we went to bed.Notes: Do you believe in miracles? I've seen to much to deny them.
Comments may be sent to Steve at stevethomas535hotmail.com. Thanks and
love, preteen metart portal
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